The Path to Happiness

by Armando ()

I repent of my sins, I forgive everyone, pray for all men to be saved, pray for all leaders, ban abortions, ban all kinds of weapons, ban death penalties, pardon all criminals, bless & heal Pastor Derrick with everything he truly needs for his own recovery, resolve world hunger, peace in Jerusalem, bless & pray for the poor, the destitute, the outcasts, & downtrodden, bless & pray for those who are hurting & suffering, bless & pray for those in mental hospitals, jails, & prisons, restoration for the world due to the pandemic, restore all families, re-open all churches, to have Brittany Hall to be my wife for good & forever, bless me & Brittany with the very best of everything we both desire for our own happiness, bless my mom with the best of everything she needs for her own well-being, bless my dad with the finest fruit trees in the world, bless us all with everything we have always wanted & needed, bring back our loved ones from the dead, heal & cure all kinds of sicknesses & diseases, bless & pray for everyone in Ukraine, bless & pray for those who serve & attend all churches, bless & pray for all believers & unbelievers, revival, unity, reconciliation, grant me & my loved ones with abundant prosperities in our bank accounts, bless & pray for my brother Ramiro to find the right person for himself, heal my entire body, pray for the consecrations of Russia & Ukraine, bless the world with the very best Christmas ever, have my house in San Jose, CA to be rebuilt, make everything else all right.

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