The need for strength in everything in all my lifes ventures

by SB (USA)

God grant me the strength, courage and love of life to get through the hardships before me;

loss of relationship because of lies and substance abuse,
loss of job because I was out of work on short term disability for the maximum time and was termed @6 months and unable to return to my job. If I am able since long term disability has kicked in, if I get better I am no longer allowed to go back to my job, this is now loss of future and stability for my children and my future which is now causing me to feel loss, Lord help me get through all of these obstacles, including my health, insecurities of my future, and poor decision making skills.
Please grant me the strength to get through this with no pitying myself, help my depression, and help me forgive myself for the wrongs I have done to others and for them to forgive me. I need strength, no regrets, faith for a better future in life and with my children and future endeavours.
Thank you for listening and your prayers. Amen

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