The Mighty Power of the Lord giving Grace to a Lady!

by Angelica-Mixon Michael ()

As your chosen Daughter Zion, I pondered and stalled without your great knowledge obtainable to any imperfect human! The African-American Mother you gave me was remarkable to this day! She did the best she was allowed to do under hardship that I’m willing and old enough to accept at this present moment! She is very ill and I can’t help but notice, this year she turns seventy years old but appear older in her bones and inner body!
Dear, Lord
Will you put upon me a stronger spirit inside to become a more deserving daughter! I am aware in these prepossess time; that on Earth the majority desire to be more than they are, and they completely stray away from your laws and yearning teaching! As the little time left maybe years, decade or less. I cannot endure any longer the Evil one that dwell around and take me and my Mother’s Godly work she has obtained from Great=Grandparents who knew you well and had a loving talking communication with you in America! As I look upon their colors of their skin and culture, I can’t help but feeling overwhelmed with love for you and my Bridegroom! This Mother’s Day is very hurtful Lord, as you know all things as a youth of running away from responsibility because of so much envious mistreatment and misplaced identity for others to claim what’s rightfully mined, your acceptance only! But others use your grace for brutal treatment for children and others who can not defend themselves only to claim money! This year I’m asking for something special a miracle longer years for my Mother! Even thou I’m receiving sick pay to help with medical problems and ! What better treatment to have the woman who gave birth to me and will not betray me beside me! When I look at documentary of people of Importance that you yourself has place as adviser for the wise; I can’t help but be reminded of the pain and shame that I observed they have endured! Then again I see their Mother beside them past the age of seventy, even then people of Importance needed that guided nurture you only provided! I love you so much after 3 decades of great torture and your battlefields I face with greed of power and evil malice Satan place upon others to defeat one as my-self! The sad part the head of the Evil body has spoken and claimed Satan without the knowledge of their influence they have place upon! Please help me rise-up through prayer in my room alone to combat this evil that others feel great pride in because of the present World look upon those as great changers for em betterment leading to Revelation-Doomday-To-Late! Most Important as a Mother I never receive the chance because older leaders with a using waiting chance kept threating my living past children with what plague today AIDS! My fist curse child by the powers of the evil one died with the World knowledge! The Hospital did not give me the proper care a DNC! They just let 18 year old me have my child fall out my body slowly with health risks of infection(Because of the Murry and Mason) treat to them! Leading up to this Mother’s Day for me! My Sister has a form of a mental Illness that America is not concern of! Yet, do they do not understand that the whole She-Church will suffer with them along! I feel as though they and their family members are afraid of known Satan threats! I must admit that will put fear in the strongest! But this Mother’s Day I was sent my Sister’s Married 27-year-old son back home acting like a Homosexual bound for Hell! Let’s be honest they do go to Hell! A woman that ran off with me as a teenager embrace Satan and to this Day she won’t denounce him or publicly admit him as her counter-part! I thought she was apologizing for the three murder attempts she had place upon me and wanted to make an ending right! He has a son that is three years old and I will not live long enough to provide instruction for the Kingdom of Heaven for him! She and a past Homosexual that prey on young virgin boys with feminine nature before the Lord can reach them train them to live this way, so they can die of AIDS while they are children, so they can get older and older! Yes, they are aware and there is nothing I can do with someone I work for 8 dollars an hour for with an Accountant degree and a B.S Business Administration degree called Nigga on occasions and finally ran down with Bull Dogs! Talk about low- self-esteem inside for the sorrow I didn’t know why I felt like I owed my Father-God! But then two years ago insanity ran me to a place where In my Birthplace Pensacola never a whore I found out that in New Orleans they were praising the evil-one with a big alter Cross in a dum attempt to ward AIDS Symtoms away! It works for many! But It took me twenty years and torturous cursing words about the Father I could never tell a professional! If I knew I was working in a place as such as that with those proven voices I would have had to leave admittedly! But the Woman who has Satan on the Brain and invited me along for the road still to this day will not leave me alone with the Worlds assistance, and blessing! Pray for the two three year old twins and my Mothers Health it would help me in a small form mentally! I’m not of this World take that into consideration! But yet your sitting by idle letting them make Christian Homosexual porn and making homosexual Jesus movies on Netflix’s! My fault and Jesus right? Welcome to the living Wedding, horrors has solely provided! I dread it’s like this! Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me in the past must witness I wouldn’t dare go this solid rock bottom low! And for the providers of the ceremony it’s called change or cast down to where you represent! Hell fire and brimstone for one cheap low-self esteem life! Pray for this!

~ Angelica-Mixon Michael

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