The Man of my dreams

by Amanda ()

We need love and everyones encouragemenr and help to beat this horrible state that my ex boyfriend bas placed upin us. He has summoned evil to destroy us and I feel so strongly that our issues at hand arent just all my fault or just his I’m scared that whatever my ex summond is winning and the vicyims isnt even us and our loss of love and connection it would be the 5 children we adore and are being ripped away from because of the emotional turmoil we are experiencing and its all trickery and we are the two most honest and loving people and the things we are fighting about is so small and insignificant…yet we feel so emotionally drained and I myself have almost convinced myself that I created all of this because im an emotional person and take way to much to heart and cant get over things as quickly as others do. Yet I’m hypocritical and do the same thing to others so how do i justify anything. My mind is a mess but my heart is truly with God and as much as I want to meet him I’m worried that if I do go who I will leave hurting behind. I also ask for prayers to the one who inflicted this upon us I care for him as well and he to I want nothing more then good happy loving and peacefulness from within. I dint wish upon anyone what I’m feeling and knowing I’m making it all worse by beating myself up after taking accountability is starting to take me away from who I am. And my problems are merely so small on how my heart goes out to anyone who needs love and a prayer as well. Thank you for taking the time to see this. God Bless everyone. I love you all.

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