The Man I Love So Dearly

by Lakisha (Chicago Il)

Dear God,

I coming to you for a miracle lord its this man who I love so dearly whom has changed my life in so many ways and I would like to share my entire life with him. Cedric Andre Johnson is the most wonderful man I ever made contact with when I look into his eyes I see a reflection of myself and its the most beautiful experience ever and I know we cant make people be with us or even love us but lord I am on my hands and knees praying for a miracle because I know this man is the one for me; I always dream of meeting man like this so lord please bless us with a union that would be filled with unconditional love, Respect, Honesty, Support, God Fearing, Non Abusive, Successful lord I would give anything to be able to spend the rest of mylife with Cedric he is my true king lord and I never felt this way before about anyone else so god please speak to his heart daily and whisper my love to him daily and let him know how much I am in love with him and also could you bless me to be able to have his first kid god I want nothing more is to be able to have his baby too lord and could you make sure that he knows all the hard work he is putting in towards his goals & dreams will pay off and keep his eye and ears focus on his prize and you could also make sure he is safe and protected each and every day amen.


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