The love of my life loves me but no longer wants m

The love of my life loves me but no longer wants me. My love has hurt me in the past and believes I will never get over it and will constantly be in a battle to trust and get over the past. I have been praying before any of this and getting closer to god along with going to a counselor to help better myself as a person but he does not believe I can do it. Please pray that the love of my life loves me and wants me, to see that I am trying and will succeed since I started my life with god as my foundation. My life is going to be completely different because my heart is now open & I view life differently. Please pray that we fix this and the love of my life see a huge chance will take place and have faith in me. Please pray we grow old together and move forward in our Christian life/love life. Unfortunely I will have to move if we do not resolve this soon, please pray for healing faith love and for us to grow old and love eachother unconditionally and not give up on eachother, Thank you for all of your prayers.