The Lord’s Help In Every Need

by Ella (Chicago,Il)

Dear Lord, Please forgive me for all of my sins,I repent of my sins. Please heal me lord, my mind, body, spirit and soul. Sweet Jesus, I feel that Im at the end of my rope.Im broken Lord.

I need you Lord, I need your light, Ive lost my way Please help me. I want to live for you Lord.
I havent done a good job here. most of the time Ive felt that I really dont belong here. I know that I will find Wisdom, Peace, strength in you Lord, I will be guided onto the right path. Please pray for those whom have put their faith in me, I wasnt the one, I tried to be there for everyone that I thought needed my help because I thought that what God wanted me to do.

Now My backs against the wall, Even as Im reaching out for you Lord, the enemy has me surrounded, Please help me Lord,
IN faith through the Precious Blood of the Lamb Jesus Amen Amen.

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  1. Im a siner

    Im a siner iv have stolen something LORD please forgive me come into my life today i need help i feel like im lost sometimes i feel like i cant go on any more iv done wrong iv have to go to court in the morning help me undo what iv done im afraid of jail i need u today im sorry for what i did i cant change it i wish i could im sorry please forgive me LORD help me turn my life around protect me O LORD let everything go your way IN JESUS NAME I PRAY IN THE NAME OF THE FARTHER THE SON AN THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN THANK YOU GOD FOR LOVING ME AN HELPING ME TODAY I LOVE YOU GERALD J BARTHELEMY

  2. Family breaking

    Lord, my family is in a really rough situation. My mother has come to the end of her strength and energy and I feel she is giving up on life. My sister is over 50,000 dollars in debt, and my family is seeming to fall apart around me. I want to help so bad, but I cant think of anything I can do. I come to you lord for help and to bring my family back to its primary days, where we had good health and high spirits. I’m praying for help that this will all work out while we learn our lessons and mistakes we have made. Please forgive me for my sins, and please look out for my family. Amen

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