The Lord Is Good

by Diane Harrison (United States)

The Lord is good in every way, trust him daily and he will guide your way. Believe in him and he will show you things, that you will come to know when you cling. Do his will and you can be assured, that no harm will be unfold. Listen closely to his voice, and all the enemy tricks will be nulled and void.

Jesus is our master keeper, and he leaves no stone unturned for the reaper. Love Jesus with all your heart and never let the promises of God Depart. He has the perfect plan, hold to God unchanging Hand. When you feel you can’t go on, whisper a prayer and he will make you strong.

Just don’t think that he don’t hear, God is close and very near. He cares about you and will certainly bring you through. I hope this prayer brings you peace, for God is listening and his word never cease. Amen…