The Lord has the last word

by Nancy (Colton Ca)

In hard situitions that life bring to us, whether we put ourselves into by getting out of our Lord’s path or bad experiences that life has with out us asking. No matter what the situations is! Our Holy Father is there for us. He will always be there, he never has left our sides. He has already forgiven our sins! He has already had ten doors open when one has closed on you. When you think that there is no where to go, no where to run and no where to hide. If you hold his hand tight with trust and belief! You’re are in better hands! My Lord you are the judge of judges , you are the Doctor of Doctors, you are the best medicine of medicines, you’re our hope you have the last word! You are so divine, so pure and understanding! I declare you The Lord. I pray that our worries will not look around, by having faith to you Our God our worries will be gone! Thank you my Lord! Amen

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