The Lord Father Creator of Everything

by Amancio (Vega Baja,PR)

The Lord Father Creator of Everything, make me understand the understandable with all your creation please make me help and receive your help to make my life a worthy of live and love you. I don’t know what I have done that before you I have passed on this stormed path of dead and headhunter but you have protected my life with your hands of creating the best life in earth and scientific evidence to ever lived for never left the path of pain and suffering today. Is a very celebration on the heavens for my brave heart and mind guide for you and by you, to open the gates of heaven in earth from my land of birth the island of the sacrifice , please accept my sacrifice as for my people and let them live and know that you are real and amazing father, now make my prayers your kindness and my kingdom be great for your heart and all the heavens. AMEN.

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