The light at the end of tunnel

by Gerson (Otjiwarongo ,NAMIBIA)

The Lord is my savior ,He saved me from the darkness. He gave me second chance to see the light at the end of tunnel.He washed me clean with His precious blood, His light shine in me.He changed me completely and I will walk in His light for the rest of my life.I will never go back again to the tunnel cause I know how lost I was in this tunnel .Today I am a new creation in Him.I will only give glory and praise to Him ,cause He shown me light ,He is keeping my candle burning in the wind.Where can I go from His presence?I seek Him in the days of my troubles and He answered my prayers.When I was in darkness in the tunnel He never forsaken or left me alone ,but protect and guide me throughout till the end and why will I now leave Him?He is healer and even if I walk in the shadow of sickness I will not fear any evil till He oneday called me to eternity .AMEN

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