The Good Shepherd

I praise you God for making me ‘me’,

Flawed and with faults,
In need of mercy.

I am so blessed that you called me by name,
Though I wasn’t worthy,
So full of shame.

Life gave me lessons I needed to learn,
You were my compass,
My reason to turn.

You gave me a new life,
Sparking and true,
Now I’ll only use it to glorify You.

I know you had tried to call me before,
But I didn’t listen,
So You tried some more.

I’ve hurt you and wasted so many years,
Still you seeked me out,
And I came back through tears.

The tears were a mixture,
Of joy and of pain,
Certain I don’t want to hurt You again.

Wisdom you gave me and then I could see,
Your way is the truth,
And the truth set me free.

The Lord is my shepherd,
He called me by name,
Came searching to find His sheep that was lame.

He didn’t reject me because of my flaw,
With mercy He loves me,
And holds me once more.