The gift of life prayer

by Catrina (San Diego)

Dear Heavenly father,

I pray to you…with everything that I am for this.

I humbly come to you, as your servant…your child.

I so badly wish to experience the gift bestowed upon all women.

The gift of having a child of my own.

I ask youu… and ALL who read this to pray for my petition.

Pray that my body be prepared for this gift.
Pray for my soon to be baby.
Pray that my baby will be healthy.
Pray that I get pregnant soon, because I have faith and I believe in his holy power.

I pray to my immaculate mother.
May she grace me with the ability to give birth to my own beautiful baby.
May she allow this too be the beginning of a beautiful life.
may she see my deep desire to give life and grant me this.


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