The Devil Caught me

by Lauren ()

Dear God,
First of all, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I havent been able to go to church. I’m sorry I’ve been distant and impatient. I’m sorry that in my time of need I believed i knew what was best over you and took steps against your will to get what I thought was best for me. God, I was wrong. Father when my ex Gabby left me I wanted nothing more than her return and I prayed and prayed but when I did not get what I wanted quickly, I turned to witchcraft and went against your will. Father the spell worked but, its ruining my life. You gave me someone incredible, someone new, someone amazing, someone who was better for me than my ex. You brought Paul into my life Father as the person i truly am supposed to be with and gifted him to me and I am so grateful. I wish I would have appreciated that in time. Because now that awful spell is ripping him away from me and only now do I realize how much I love him and how grateful I am that he is, or was, mine. Father I ask for your forgiveness. I am so sorry that I went against your will. I was wrong. I should have trusted that you had better in store for me which you did. I should have been patient with you Father. I am so sorry. And Father I kneel before you and ask that you please help me to fix my massive mistakes. Father help me to effectively nullify the love spell cast on myself and Gabby. Father please help me to bring Paul back to me as my boyfriend and future husband as I know now he’s the one youve truly meant me to be with. Father help me to fix my mistakes. Help me to bring back that passion and love and intensity that Paul and I had before all of this. Please Father, I beg of you to help me. I send you my unconditional love and gratitude. Amen.

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