The debt pray and for my rent pray

by Alexandra Brousselle (Southampton)

Dear lord ,

I pray to say thank you for all you done for me. I pray today to you my lord because i need your help , i am behind of 3 months my dear lord with my rent and today is my finaly day to found a solution to have a bit of money to be able to have a home .

I pray to you god for your help to be out of my debts that i accumulated so far .
I ask for forgiveness for all my sins and mistakes that i made .

My father i pray to be able to be stable financialy , i dont want sucess or luxury i pray to have money for living .

My partner can’t aford to help me because she is ill very ill and i pray to be able to stand up for both of us and to help .

Thank you my lord ,
I pray in your name , Amen

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