the chemo she was currently on caused more bad than good

I’m asking a prayer request for my mother Angela, God has brought her a long way! She has cancer, the chemo she was currently on caused more bad than good, causing her to almost lose her life, but God stepped in and kept her with us. Thank you Jesus for your tender mercies. She was hospitalized for 1 month, one doctor told us “there’s nothing else they can do for her”, also, stated “people in her condition, we just send to hospice until it’s their time” (the devil is a lie! ) However, her cancer doctor says he’ll do his best to make her comfortable.

She lost her mobility to walk, due to, the doctors putting her on bed rest because she almost felled one night. Her pain level has been very high for the past month and a half. Through it all, she gives God the glory to be praise.

Currently, she’s able to sit up, she still in the bed and not able to walk just yet, however; she is half way there.

I’m asking that God continue to strengthen her and the family as He have been, a healing of her whole body, including the cancer, that God keep her mind and continue to renew her mind, prayer that God bind all wickedness, demonic, satanic, evil powers attacks that is against her and our family. God grants us patience and wisdom in Him and his timing, God continue to keep us at His feet.

Thank you all and may God bless you all!

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