That you would bless me indeed dear Jesus

by Angela (Canad)

Heavenly Father, they the grace of your son Lord Jesus please put your arms around me. Enlarge my territories, expand my boundries, , heal my body of any illnesses and injuries. . Make me whole, healthy,strong and most of all full of your Holy Spirit. Keep evil away fro me so I do no harm to myself or others. I need help JESUS. PHYSICALLY MENTALLY AND SPIRITUALY. PLEASE BRING PEOPLE TO MY HUSBAND AND I that are full of your Holy Spirit that can help us in our spiritual journey and our physical journey. We need so much help in healing our bodies. We feel so broken. I have no motivation or will please Father help me get over this. I am 61 married for 42 years have 3 sons and nine grandkids. I am so blessed please dear Jesus give me perfect health, strength to be an amazing example to all those you put in front of me. Help me be your light. Please dear Jesus we were in a auto accident 5 years ago and we are still trying to heal My husband at age 68 just went to do a seminar to try and make some money for us. We are struggling but By Your grace dear Jesus we will be made whole again. Please help us be an amazing example to our grandchildren. Heal my injuries dear Jesus. Heal my diverticulitis, my polyp in my uterus my prolapsed bladder my constants pain By your stripes I am healed dear Jesus Than you Heavenly Father for all of many great blessings. Dear Jeus thank you four our very cozy and comfortable apartment. It is so peaceful and full of your love. Thank you for our clothes, our furniture our food we are so blessed. Thank you Jesus. Heavenly Father if is your will could we please own our own home again one that is full of your Holy Spirit grace and Mercy. A home that all can come to feel loved cared for fed but most of all feel your presence Jesus. A home that we could pay in full and not owe anything to anyone but love to all. Let us become the lenders and not the borrowers. Give us a spirit of giving show us Jesus. Please heal me Jesus I have so much pain I. My lower abdomen right now. Please take all my ailments always and make me whole healthy and strong. Thank you Jesus. Thru you all things are possible Jesus. I am healed by your stripes dear Jesus. Help us be good Stuart’s of all that you give us Heavenly Father. Send all your guardian angel so non Saint to help Us dear Jesus send people to us That will help us and guide us on our journey. that THOU WOULD BLESS US INDEED, ENlarge our TERRITORIES, EXPAND OUR BOUNDRIES, FILL OUR HEARTS WITH YOUR Holy Spirit. Bless us also abundantly so we can freely give keep evil away from us Jesus keep your hand on us let us do no harm to ourselves or others. Amen.