That want to feel free again

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This past year or so has been quite a struggle for me. My parents and brother moved to Scotland last January, leaving me alone for the first time. I ended up moving in with someone I thought was kind and a home I thought would be safe. It wasn’t. I lost one of my jobs last year meaning I had no money coming through. Although in employment again now, the money isn’t enough to sustain myself. I’m grateful for work, please don’t get me wrong, but with everything in the background debts have built up and are burying me. I see no way out currently. I ended up becoming involved in things I am in no way proud of. I don’t want to be part of any of it. I feel trapped. I feel like at the age of only 24, I’m ruining my life and have let down God. I have strayed for sure. I want to feel safe again and be back to my old self. I need the love of God to do so. I know he is there but if others could please pray for me and offer support, would be seriously appreciated. Thank you!

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