That prayers will be delivered

by Keith (Vancouver, Canada)

I pray God, our heavenly father, the name above all names. I pray that all these believers with prayer requests as well as my own will be delivered as you promise that they should. We believe in miracles becaues we believe in you, and we know that you know our needs before we do, so we pray that financial needs are met, wether it be thru a new job, or an act of kindness, or a supernarural account.

I pray that we all listen to your words and live with you as our guide so that all choices are God inspered and therefore promissing. I pray that we have faith that will move us to trusting in your ways that are perfect.

Thank you God, and forgive us our sins so we may benefit from your blessings in abundance. In Jesus name I pray, for all those seeking help and for myself to be blessed and debt free.

Thank you God, Amen.

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