that he have his way in me and to bring it to pass

by Gwetalyn (Philadelphia, Pa.)

There is so much on my plate . I know God is bigger than them all. I ask for victory , the promises and where I am weak he make me wronger. As for my calling and being chosen to do a work for the kingdom .

My heart desires as I delike myself in the Lord. And my true rib donor come forth with ease .
That he have his way in me and to bring it to pass . All that is needed to be ! To all of the prayers ; past , presence, and those coming down the road .
I be moee than a conqueror ; by all means. Yes to his will , yes to his every way. I dont want to be afraid to trust Jesus.
Many need to be saved invthe world and I desire to let God get all the honor and praise and thanks for all he does.
Healing and all that is our portion.
Especiallyally our enemies our footstool, and binding and loosing . Principalities, strongholds, the strongman , etc . bind and rebuked . Demons and devils and Lucifer bind send back to the pit of hell .
Anything I may firgotten be added unto this petition of prayer . Thanks very much .
And God bless all there . Amen

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