That God will use my life to showcase his glory and advertise his awesome power

by Emmanuel (Nigeria)

Please help me pray that:

1. The Yoke of Sin over my life be broken

2. That the grace to live a righteous life, live above sin and temptation and overcome daily will come upon my life

3. That every spiritual blindness & deafness in my life vanish in the name of Jesus

4. That the glory of God ; and the Holy Spirit will overshadow my life

5. That every charm, curse, bewitchment, enchantment, oppression and destruction fashioned against me will back fire

6. That the power to live a holy life and not fall into sin will overshadow me

7. That all good things that have been stolen from me, or passed me by will be restored fully upon me.

8. That my miracles will manifest and will no longer be on the waiting list

9. That God will send me help from above, and deliver me from delays, limitations and afflictions.

10. That God will settle me maritally, financially, mentally, in relationships and help me fulfill my divine mandate

11. That my wealth, glory, honour, divine ideas and position that was stolen from me be restored now

12. That Uncommon door of breakthrough, deliverance and favour will open unto me and both creatures in heaven and on earth will begin to see me in a new positive outlook

13. That God will advance my career in rapid successions and grant me power to triumph daily the battles of life

14. That God will disgrace mockers, slanders and enemies and take glory over my life

15. That God will grant full recovery to Bukola Ojewumi from her ailment and afflications

16.That my 24-Hour Miracle as regards my marriage, my career, my family and my ministry will manifest

17. That all satanic embargoes placed on my life will be shatters and an un-common/over-shadowing/shining glory of God will rest upon me.

18. That from henceforth, i will be the head and not the tail wherever i step into..

19. That God will increase my greatness and comfort me on all sides
20. That God will do what man thought was impossible in my life
21. That God will use my life to showcase his glory and advertise his awesome power