Thanksgiving Prayer for Good Finances

by Donna (Norwalk,CT)

Lord as I humbly begin this prayer request I must first say thank you for being bless with three daughters ages 22,11and 6 thru life’s challenges as a single mother I had been blessed with housing section 8 for the last 5 years as well as government assistance for food stamps these are millions of single mothers prayer and I have been truly blessed . Although I recently began my return to workforce thru the miracle of Jesus Christ there have been so many obstacles in my way of lately that I truly believe the father has a dynamic plan in store for me as they say a breakthrough ! Oh Lord while I am going through the trials and tribulations and my focus is upon the task at hand (work) May you wrap my daughters ,my mother,my brother and the girls uncle (yes uncle who has interceded for thier father who is not or has he been responsibile in there care ) and has ultimately made it possible for me to work regardless of each of my daughters individual schedules . Father to you I seek absolution and reassurance that all of my prayers will be answered in connection with my family. Amen

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