Thanksgiving and healing petition for my husband

by Rochelle ()

Dear Father Jesus Christ, we are grateful for Your presence in our lives. We are strong because of You, when we are weak, we become strong because we know You are there protecting us and embracing us. You are in control of every single thing and being You created including us and You already have plans for our live even before You created us. You put us here on earth to live our lives and we can only pray to You for help snd guidance. We are grateful for Your unconditional love for us. We are grateful for Your patience and understanding of us. We are grateful that You continuously forgive us our sins and listening to us. We thank You for all Your blessings. Forgive us Lord Jesus Christ for all our shortcomings; for when our faith wavers. We know You are with us all the time through all these challenges we face. We know we will be victorious because You are with us. All things are possible for those who believe and we believe in You. Father Jesus Christ, we fervently pray without ceasing for the complete healing of my husband. We know You already know what are petitions are and that is for You will it to restore my husband’s health. To heal him of all the sickness and maladies that invaded his body, temple You created. Relieve him of pain and suffering Father God Jesus Christ Nothing is impossible with You. Ans as The Scripture says, even if our faith is as small as the mustard seed, if we tell this mountain to move from here to there, it will be done. Our faith is bigger than a mustard seed Lord Jesus Christ and we are holding on to Your promise of healing for my husband. Though fir men, it us impossible to heal my husband of cancer of the lungs snd other medical conditions that developed in his body, but with You everything is possible. Just say the word Lord Jesus Christ and my husband Virgilio will be healed completely and his health will be restored for Your glory. He will live glorifying You Father God Jesus Christ. Thank You fir laying Your healing hands on him and healing him from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. Thank You are all the people, medications, test You use to treat my husband. Thank You for all the people praying for us and with us for the same petition if healing my husband. As the Scripture says, if two of you agree here on earth of anything you ask for it will be done for you by My Father in heaven. There are a lot os of Father Jesus Christ agreeing on the healing of my husband Virgilio. Family, relatives, friends, neighbors and churches. Please bless them all too as You bless us. In the powerful name of the Almighty Father Jesus Christ, we pray and beg for the healing of my husband snd restoration of his health, Amen. Amen.

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