by Bernadine ()

Dear Heavenly Father:

We come to you with hearts filled with thankfulness, and gratitude for being able to have you in our lives.

We come to you with praises in our mouths and breath in our lungs to give you thanks.

We come to you with prayer and supplication to know you are answering our prayers if they are in your perfect will.

We come to you Lord with praises of hope, glory,mercy, and grace that you give us all daily like the fresh manna you have your children in the wilderness.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the Fresh new day to see all of us as your children and to do a new thing in all of our lives for we are all miracles that afe awaken on this new day when we open our eyes and see.

We declare the blood of Jesus over All of the people in our lives be them family, be them friends, and be them enemies it truly does not matter we all awoke this new day to be given the same amount of hours to have a choice of what to do with our allotted time; which I pray, will be praises to you Lord for all the grand things you give us all.

Thank you for being you and giving your son jesus christ who takes away all the sins in the world how grateful we all should be for this alone.

With Love in my heart for You and All of my brothers and sisters(in Christ) and by giving thanks for us all to receive the healing, the daily salvation, the blessings, and the Love for us all how dare we all not be grateful.

With all my love, and all my praises to you, “oh Lord”, I will never stop to tell you how much gratitude I have in all good, in all bad that I receive in our lives for it could be worse but with you lord in are corner we are all blessed with the both.

Much love, In Jesus name I pray, and give thanks to you in this new day we call Thanksgiving.

Amen, Amen and Amen

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