Thanks to St. Jude and Prayer For My Daughter

by Anne (UK)

Heartfelt thanks to St. Jude for answering my prayers to have my deceased mum’s stolen wedding & engagement rings, and a watch given to me by my dad( also deceased) returned safely. I am overjoyed to have them back, as they are of great sentimental value & irreplaceable. I now ask you dear St. Jude to please return my daughter to live permanently with me, as her dad manipulated & controlled her after he divorced me cos he was having an affair with a married colleague. He has had my daughter living with him most of the week for the last 3 yrs and it has broken my heart. Please, I beg you St. Jude turn this very unfair situation around for good now, and end his controlling & manipulation permanently. Please let my daughter have her eyes opened to him& his dishonest behaviour and make her stand up to him firmly. I have endured mental torture over this for a long time. Thank you St. Jude, you are a miracle worker and you never fail to help me. I love you & thank you Lord Jesus for St. Jude’s intercession for everyone who is in desperate need of help. Never give up your faith in God, or the saints’ intercession and keep praying, no matter what the situation is, or how hard or impossible things seem. God and the saints hear your prayers for sure, and they WILL help you. God Bless everyone who asks for help, may their prayers be answered in the way that only God knows is best. Tell as many people as you can of God’s unfailing love for everyone.

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