Thanks Given

by Evelyn Sailem (Atlanta Ga)

Dear Lord

Father I thank you for your many of blessings, but most of all my for my life and my child. I thank you for storing the blessings that overflow my cup in my child. Knowing that your are also a child of the most high make my life a lot more understanding. I thank you father for never leaving me or forsaken me, my child, and others. I thank you for everything under the stars and those thing above that have not justified but, I know somewhere along the line we will meet in your predestined time. I love you lord, my heavenly father for life and abundance to live. I thank you for the small things that are soon to be bigger beyond knowledge. I ask that you watch over my love ones, friends, and enemies. I ask that you keep this cold world lifted high, and that this world becomes a better place. In Jesus name I pray, Amen…

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