Thanks Father Lord

by Hope (Singapore)

Dear Father Lord,

Thanks for listening to my prayers. U have indeed been there for me when I am most down. When I am unwell, u have been there. When my relationship is on the rocks, u gave me support and the will to carry on. Without You, I would not be able to pull through.

There is some communication between the both of us now, though he is still not willing to give our relationship a chance. Father, I would be patient. Please help to soften his heart and see the good side of me and appreciate my patience and gestures towards him. Please let him realise my love for him and for both of us not to stray from the right path and the relationship. I have done what I could and I would let You, my Lord help us. I know at this point of time only You would be able to help restore our relationship back and put our lives back on track

Thanks for always being there for me, Lord and help me live through a difficult time of my life, coping with illness and loss of relationship.