Thanks again St. Jude!

by TW. (USA)

St. Jude, thank you so very much. My brother is sending extra monies so me and my sister can have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. We probably would not have had too much to eat if he’d not sent the money. Thank you St. Jude! I want to continue to pray for my car/computer/electrical appliances to keep working just fine. I also thank you for being able to keep my rent paid! St. Jude keep up the good works with my health as well. I’m feeling better too. PLEASE watch over my sister. Her health is not great.

Help her please. And finally St. Jude please pray for contact from my M. We’ve not talked in months. We have much to discuss. I know M. loves me, but hasn’t said yet. I’ve told him how I feel. Bring him forward St. Jude before 2011 is over so we can talk about everything between us and about our future together.

Again, thank you. I’m lighting a candle in your honor. Bless all those here who seek your help and prayers. For anyone who reads my thanks prayer, KNOW St. Jude is the real deal. HE delivers when you don’t think anything can happen good for you!

Amen and Amen