Thanking You FatherGod in advance

by Anittra (Detroit Mi)

FatherGOD WE come to you with HeavyHearts yesterday my Sister Charmaine received disturbing news she has Cancer in both of her breast. We ask you Almighty to touch her wrap your arms around her and heal her let her know that no weapon formed against her shall prosper and that you promise if we ask we shall receive and if we have faith Trust and believe in you as little as a mustard seed we shall be delivered! We FatherGod ask you to be with the Doctors Nurses every step of the way and give them the best advise to cure my sister!! FatherGod we Ask you to keep her strong and give her strength comfort to never give up and let her know this battle is not hers it’s yours now, and in the name of Jesus you will fight her battle for her and you will win! FatherGod we need you to step in and take the wheel we Trust in you and we know you the only One can Heal her Father we need her she’s the queen of our family the Mother sister grandma cousin friend and we all count on her and father God we can’t live without her please FatherGod Please Step in take over keep her under your wings Cure her and during this battle keep her in less pain during these procedures!! FatherGod I want to thank you in advance because I know late in the midnight hour you gonna turn it Around A cure is on the way In Jesus Name we pray Amen!!Love You Sister The Almighty got this

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