Thanking St Jude for Answering my Prayer

by B Madhusudan (Bangalore,Karnataka, India)

Praise the LORD ! I prayed a Novena to St Jude for my Brother to get a New Job as he was Unemployed for 2 months.He went to many Interviews but was rejected everywhere. We were Hopeless and Suffering Financially. The Novena ended on 28th October which is the Feast Day of St Jude and in 7 days on 4th November he got a New Job. This is a Miracle.

I want to tell all People to keep Faith and Pray the Novena to St jude for things that Look Impossible. I am sure with the Holy Intercession of St Jude all your Prayers will be answered no matter what. Thank you Father Almighty God, thank you Lord Jesus, thank you dear St Jude for the Favour. In Jesus’s name AMEN!