Thanking Praise for Lacky

by Jackie ()

Thank you Lord for providing My needs-Thank you for giving me GIving me the opportunity to earn a pay check pay check. Thank you for providing my rent which is past due. YOU ARE OUR JEHOVAH JIREH.

Thanking you for blessing me with good health in which my organs will work in perfection .
Thank you for keeping my family in health & peace. moreso this Christmas bless me as I go through all these challenges..I pray that this would be the best in my famillies lives and that of mine. I pray tha i will continue to seek & praise and do good to my fellow man . And so lord Let me not be put to shame & disgrace . May my enemies never triumph over me.
. Bless my apt Lord–May it never lack . Let it be a healing ground. May according to your blessings lord that * my cup run over * AMEN.

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