Thanking God for changing me

by Angela ()

God, I come to you humble as I know how giving you all the glory and all the praise God. If it wasn’t for your grace and mercy I don’t know where would I be God, I want to thank u for all that you have done and doing in my life. Most part I thank you for changing my whole life around guiding me the right direction and removing and Remove all the people out my life that didn’t mean me any good. Thank you for giving me a new walk a new talk a new mindset because I’m not the person I use to be. God if I had a thousand tongues I can’t stop thanking you enough because I’m grateful so grateful just to praise you, God. All the wonderful things all the blessings you made a way out of nowhere I might not be where I want to be but I’m we’re u want me to be. That life that I was living was unlike you God and I look back over my life and all that I been thru I’m still here. When I lost my mother in 10/15/2005 I had a lot of hurt and pain and hate towards people giving up on everything. But yet you were still there getting me thru it all then 11yrs later my father was shot killed and murder and died on the scene on mother’s day 05/11/2014. My life fell apart I gave up in life I gave up on you because you said in your word we a child of God and no man no woman nobody can put they mouth are have are harm a child of God. And you let my father died I didn’t understand but you are a God that can’t be questioned. And you call him home for a reason because he doesn’t have to suffer any more pain god u was there to mends my broken heart. I tried to kill myself so many times stabbed myself smother myself took pills anything you name I tried to harm myself. But God but God but God was still there by my side and I thank you because u told me my child you will not die you will live. And you got me out that situation god that’s why I praise you I lift u up I magnifier your name. That’s why my heart is full with praise my heart my mind god my soul belongs to you because you paid the price for me way back on Calvary that’s why. I love you, God, it’s nobody else like you God in your mighty name Jesus in the might name if Jesus comes on in god. We lift u up on tonight we glorified your name my god my god can’t nobody can do us like you god, as I close my pray out just keep on changing me in the name of Jesus we all say Amen, Amen, Amen and thank God

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