thanking for the family peace and asking for blessings

by Julian (Mumbai, India)

That my son Alroyd now just blessed with a job aboard a ship, is with peace and protected in his job (and family) where hardly he joined is being harassed by his nasty Captain name Thakur without any reason. That he is safe and sound and does not make hasty decisions or resign or have friction with his captain. That peace come upon this rude captain and stops harassing my son Alroyd and alroyd successfully completes his term peacefully. Also his moslem wife shaista and her mother Zubeda are at peace in Jesus Christ.

That disturbed daughter Asmitha with a temporary job just completed 3 months being extended another 2 months (praise and thank the Lord) is blessed with permanent job, peace, healing, good health and a and begets children (married since 3 years now) with hubby Abie and he too is blessed with a better job) and both are both filled with the Holy Spirit peace, unity and harmony.

Thank you and God bless you one and all