Thank you

by Nadine (Pont-Rouge, Quebec, Canada)

Thank you Jsus for giving me the strength to get back on my feet after everything life has put me through these last few years. Please forgive me for having lost faith. I should of have stood tall and kept on praying instead of wining alone in my bed with anxiety.

Please help me sell this house so I can have a new start with my family. Life is not about things but about people and love. Thank you for this new job that I have been waiting for forever. Thank you so much. I love you. Please give Dad a kiss from me and tell him I love him too. Please also tell him I say thank you for having been a great Dad and that I have also forgiven him for his sins he committed cause after all he is also just a human being like he rest of us. Please keep guiding me so I stay a good person and become even a better one.
Thank you
I love you
Please forgive me my mistakes
Nadine xxx…

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