Thank you, St. Jude! You are Amazing!

by Claudia (Texas)

I want to propagate St. Judes prayer. St. Jude is invoked in desperate and is the patron saint of desperate cases. He has never failed me, and words cannot articulate my gratitude for his incessant support.

St. Jude, thank you for you unceasing and unbroken intercession. Never have you failed me, and through taxing times you continue to amaze me. Most recently, I truly appreciate your help after surgery- the healing process has been remarkable and rapid! Please continue to help me during the recovery process, healing properly each day with no complications.

Thank you, God, for answering my prayer. Thank you, St Jude, for hearing my prayers, shining your light on me and interceding on my behalf. St Jude, pray for me and all who invoke your aid!

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