Thank you St. Jude for your miraculous intercession

St. Jude,

I felt a lot of tension this morning, but I ended my day relaxed and happy. I feel so blessed to be in this new home. It is nice to feel safe with my family. Thank you St. Jude for your miraculous intercession.

Thank you, oh Lord for providing what we need and leading us on the path that we need to be on. I have had such a hard year, but since I’ve been trusting in God, I feel as though my life is on a better path. Thank you, oh Lord, for my husband’s job and his newly found self confidence. Thank you for this new life and the promise it brings. Thank you for the chance to move and to make a fresh start. Thank you for the bankruptcy delay and our ability to pay all our bills. Thank you for groceries and electricity. Oh Lord, please let us be fruitful both financially and physically. Please, let this move be successful and we suffer no reprocussions from our old landlords.

Please oh Lord protect this new life and let us prosper financially. Please let this bankruptcy go well and let me obtain child support. Let us be safe and sound in our home and our bodies. The Lord is good and I am so thankful for his love. I hope I can show my light to the world. In your name.


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