Thank you St. jude for your miracles

by Liz (TX)

I am writing this as a hurting sinner with great desperation and in need of help. I realize i need prayer and st. jude has always always came through for me and even though he it hasnt happened right at this moment i knw and believe its coming and is hearing my cry for help. I need prayer and healing from the inside out and feel more alone than ever however, i knw this is only temporary and help is on its way…thank you st. jude for helping pass my test tomorrow and bringing back my love and my sister and kids into my life. thank you .thank you … thank you .. thank you…

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  1. St. Jude does not deliver one single thing...ever

    STOP with THIS ST JUDE MESS! Jesus and Jesus Christ alone forgives sin and the Trinity of GOd the Father answers prayers when delivered to the throne room of Grace in His sons name, Jesus. To pray to anything else is demonic and you are praying to a DEMON! STOP IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

  2. To the one who thinks this is "demonic"

    The believers pray to St. Jude to intercede for them. Through his intercession, our prayers are heard. There’s nothing wrong in this… Why do you ask others to pray(intercede for you)?
    Think about it….

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