Thank you St. Jude for your continued intercession in our lives

St. Jude,

Waiting is so hard for us people. Whether it is something good, needed, or dreaded. It is hard to wait for help, but I trust in your intercession and the Lord’s guidance. Thank you St. Jude, for your continued intercession in our lives. My heart feels so much less stressed and calm since having these conversations.

Thank you for my husband’s job and for this new life. oh Lord, thank you for answering my prayers out of a bad situation. Thank you for our stability and safety in our home. I do feel blessed and thankful. I humbly ask oh Lord, that we be fruitful both financially and physically. I pray that we can meet our financial obligations and that this bankruptcy goes well.

I pray that we are safe and secure in our home and bodies. Please let us get insurance soon. Oh Lord, thank you so much for my life. I long to be closer to you. You have given me so much and have taught me so many lessons. In your name.


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