Thank you St. Jude for the miraculous intercession you have made in my life.

St. Jude,

I am sorry for not praying last night. I realize how the lack of communication makes me worry and fret more about life. Thank you St. Jude for the miraculous intercession you have made in my life. I feel so swarmed by so much strife at times and stress. I want to feel safe and I am putting all my trust in the Lord. I have been so amazed by the miraculous changes my life has experienced since praying to St.Jude. I am so thankful for this miraculous new life inside of me and the hope and joy that it brings. Thank you oh Lord for my husband’s job and the experience, support, and self confidence that it brings. Oh Lord, thank you for my loving and strong husband and my great smart kids. Thank you for delaying the bankruptcy and letting us have this move so that we have a chance at a fresh start. Lord, thank you for the ability to pay bills, get groceries, and have a car. Thank you for the ability to carry on. I trust in the Lord to guide my life in the direction it needs to go. I feel blessed to be alive and surrounded by love. St. Jude, through prayer I feel so much more hopeful and have a closer relationship with the Lord. Please, oh Lord let us be fruitful, both financially and physically. Please protect this new life and let us prosper. I ask you, oh Lord, please let us be able to figure out some way to keep our car and to get the electricity in our name. Please let us be able to pay our bills, buy groceries, and keep our transportation. Oh Lord, please let us get child support and let us be more financially stable and prosperous. Thank you St. Jude for bringing hope into my life and thank you, oh Lord for bringing me into a better position in my life due to your love and guidence. In your name.


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