Thank you St. Jude for showing me such miracles in my existence

St. Jude,

Today has been a day where I am reminded of your miraculous intercession in my life. Thank you, Oh Lord for this new home and new life. I feel blessed with the promise of a fresh start. Thank you for my children.

I am so impressed with what an amazing girl that Sheridan is, she is smart, mature, and loving. Thank you for my husband and for Violet and Daniel as well. I am thankful for having so many supportive people. Thank you for delaying the hearing.

We weren’t ready. My life may be difficult, but amazing and powerful in its own right. Through prayer, I have begun to realize the power of God and to develop a real relationship with him. Lord, please let us be fruitful, both financially and physically.

Please let us be safe, both in our bodies and home. Please protect this new life and let this bankruptcy be resolved in our favor. Thank you for so many blessings Oh Lord. Thank you St. Jude for showing me such miracles in my existence. In your name.


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