Thank you St. Joseph. My prayers have been answered!

by Philip (Belleville)

Dear St. Joseph,

Thank you for your intercession on behalf of my family & I. You have saved me from joblessness in a matter of weeks due to an expiring work contract. Last week I received an offer from the company that owns the new contract. I will also be receiving a salary increase. Thank you God, Jesus & St. Joseph for your help!.

St. Joseph, I ask you now to turn your a attention to many of my co-workers and peers who have not yet received offers or found other employment. Most are fathers, mothers, husbands, & wives whose families depend on their income. Please help them as you have helped my family & I. They are all hard-working, skilled people. Please ask God & your adopted son Jesus for their blessings on these people. Amen.

To all those in need of help who visit this web site, please know that prayer works. I have prayed both the prayer to St.Joseph every day for several weeks. I have also prayed the novena through several times. I received such an amazing blessing with the salary increase included, and at such a time that I will begin working for my new employer at almost the exact time my current contract work runs out. Timing like this is NOT coincidental. This is God’s hand at work in my life. May you also see it at work in yours. God Bless You all!

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  1. Thank you St. Joseph

    Thank you God and St. Joseph for prayer answered. I asked you to opent the doors for me to get a better job and my prayer was answered. Thank you for your blessings.

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