Thank you my Gracious Heavenly Father!

by Tricia (Chesapeake City)

Thank you my Gracious Heavenly Father! You are so merciful and forgiving. Please forgive me of my sins. You are God. Creator of heaven and earth and all that is good. You bless me with life. Even though I walk thru the valleys you are with me. You Lord are my God and Holy is your name! Bring your kingdom, your heavenly realm here where I am so I may receive your mercy and grace. I know that because Jesus your son died on the cross for my sins and the worlds, we have abundant life. And since I asked him to be my savior you see me as clean because he washed my sins away and took them upon himself as my sacrifice. Thank you heavenly Father, I receive your love. May Your glory rain down upon all of us who call you Lord.

Your power and truth I see everywhere and every day. Father please provide for me and my family as you promise in your word. Lord we need your supernatural power your mercy and grace please forgive us of our sins especially our unforgiveness because unless we forgive others our prayers won’t be answered. I love you Jesus.Thankyou Holy Spirit that you live in me and guide me in all truth that I will make decsions based on you Please help us in our time of need so others will see your kindness and praise you! I thank you that you allow me the privilege to come before you .You have called me, may I bring glory to your name.I pray this in the name of Jesus my Lord and savior your son. Who came to save the world not condem it. You are so wonderful, I love you and thank you! In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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