Thank you Merciful Father for an answered prayer

Lord I bless and adore you.

I thank you for the gift of life and your mercies shown towards me. I am in need of a holy financial breakthrough to be able to payoff all my debts and that which my family has acquired too.
I need you today and always to help break the yoke of poverty surrounding every aspect of my life.
I believe in the power of your resurrection and the blood which heals all diseases. Let your rain of financial wealth fall on me now.
I pray for divine healing and happiness.Let me find favour in your sight and in the sight of men as well.

Let the blessings you give to me through my finances be extended to your children in the faith.

Bless my family and bless their finances. Let all call us blessed.
Strengthen our faith and hope in you so that we will forever rely on you alone for financial assistance.

Thank you Merciful Father for an answered prayer in Jesus’s Name I have prayed.

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