Thank you Lord/Jesus son of GOD

by Beth (Va)

Dear Lord,

Thank all all the good and Bad happen for me this 2012 I know everything has purpose why this happen to us, I believed this a part of my life, You always there for me to help me for what person I have to be, I believed you have the good purpose for me.

Lord you why I am here in USA you know what in my heart desire and I believe one day you give me my heart desire I am patiently waiting according to your will, My heart is melting thinking all what we done I hurt some people I made mistake that why I am here for you to us for a forgiveness forgive my family I love them so much, Forgive my friend I nag her last march, Please I asked for forgiveness, Please do touch heart of my friend to forget my friend. for what happen and forgive me as well, Also please touch my friend’s heart. And make him asked real man gives me the loves what I have been looking for please do his Job as real Husband to me. and plan the best for us O lord. Lord again please I am for you to ask for hope and ask for good job and financial blessing lord I need to have good enough money to pay all my debt… forgive me… those people I am not running for what is my debt just I need little time to fix all.

Lord I need you help to carry this burdens to my life, I am wishing this 2013 that will come the best year for me and fix all my financial problem. And give me more loves for my friend and his family and Have our own House. Thank you lord..I love you so much in Jesus name/St. Jude helper and keeper please help me Amen.