Thank you Lord, for everything you ever gave me, for everything I have and for everything I will have

by N (I Want To Keep Anonymity)

Please Lord Jesus Christ, I am first sorry for not believing in you. I always thought that God doesn’t care about us. But now I am in distress and I can only find peace in your words and actions. I am terribly sorry for all the things I have done in my life and those that I do not know about. Forgive me Lord.

Please grant me this wish, to be reunited with my most loved one. We had an amazing relationship with no fights, no cheating, nothing. All I did was care about him in the most truthful way, I wanted to marry this man and have his children. I love him so much, I keep dreaming about him every night, I am in great pain. All I did was to be true to him and he started taking me for granted. I know that we were amazing together and we could be even better.

He changed his focus on his career and lost interest in me. Please give him light to realize that love is the only thing that matters. Love is the one that is going to save your soul, love for the other person. Please remind him what we were and make him understand what we can be.

I send to him every night my most dearest thoughts, I imagine myself being in his arms again, I send him love in each occasion I can find. Please Lord, don’t let me suffer anymore. I know this might sound a little selfish and I’m not asking you dear Lord to interfere with his will, but please, love is the most important thing and you died for your love in humanity. Guide him again in my arms, I want to be with this man forever till the end of time and even though I didn’t believe in you at first, I always wanted to be married under your blessing with him and I always kept a small cross in my bag.

Thank you Lord, for everything you ever gave me, for everything I have and for everything I will have. I am trying to keep my faith and it is really hard. Please Jesus, help me and him to be together again and this time forever.

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