Thank you Lord for another year

by Beverly (Hopewell,VA)

Lord, Thank you for another year that we lived to see because a man just died yesterday in the building where I live…I pray that when Jesus welcomes me into heaven he can say well done good and faithful servant..I have payed my tithes and offerings at a church that is not my church, but now I want to go back to my home church. At the other church I have felt as though I have been picked on instead of convicted at the other church and I miss my home church and feel it is time to go back..I pray you can bless this reunion and help me do more for the church at hand.

Lord, I have a boyfriend as you know it and I have been in constant prayer for him and his family. I pray that if he is meant for me that we can get married and be united as one..I also pray for his brother because he is in some trouble and only you can get him out.. Their family has faced some hard times and I pray their faith and strength in the Lord.

Lord, I pray you can bless me with a part time job where I can be off on Wednesdays for any appointments that I may have and for Bible Study at 6;30p.m. I pray for the White Buick LeSabre and the Brick house with the front porch…I thank you Lord in advance.

And Lord, I pray for my family and all families of the world, for peace and continued freedom, and just for my fellow man.

Thank you Lord, in Your Son Jesus Name..Amen

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