by LINDA ()

Lord thank you sooo much for answering my prayers on job lord. I have been waiting for this day for 7 months and finally, it is here. thank you lord thank you . you always give me the best even though I behave like a spoilt brat. you never let me down you are always by my side. Even though I would not have been able to crack the interview by myself, I knew you were there and provided them with the knowledge and influenced them to choose me. thank you so much god. I am sorry I cried and behaved like a ungrateful girl. I was just so overwhelmed by the experience. I have sooo much gratitude for you in my heart. Help me lord help me to be the best project manager and help the people there love me. help them to see your work through me lord. use me for all your ways. use me to achieve ur purpose on earth lord. Together, help me show everyone what a wonderful God I worship. Lord, my offer letter is still not sent, so please remind them to send. please please always stay by my side and PROVIDE me with the knowledge and strength and confidence to take on the challenges. I cannot do anything by myself and I understand that now lord. I can do all things through you, who strengthens me. I am nothing on my own. PLease be with me lord. please. do not forsake me. Please hear my prayers lord. be with me guide me guard me and protect me. help me to have the best career path and flourish lord. THROUGH u i do everything.

Thank you lord.
IN jesus name i pray , AMEN.

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