Thank you Jesus for saving my granddaughter. May she thrive and grow up strong and healthy

Thank You dear Jesus for saving my wonderful baby granddaughter, who had a difficult birth last Friday. I am eternally thankful to You for Your miraculous intervention, grace, love, healing and care You have shown my granddaughter and her parents. Please keep the three of them safe and healthy and happy, please surround them with Your love now and always, please heal the traumas they have suffered so that they disappear without a trace. Please, dear Jesus, keep a watchful eye on my granddaughter, keep her healthy, strong, happy, joyful and safe throughout her long life. May she be a delight to her parents and family, and a blessing to humanity when grown up. Please, bless the whole family with everyday miracles. Thank You for the blessings You have already showered on my granddaughter and her parents, and thank You in advance for Your continued blessing and support in their lives. Thank You for the happiness You have granted us. I am praying new prayers like never before; I pray with every fibre of my heart and soul, and with every sub-atomic particle, the totality of my being. I thank You for hearing my prayers. I thank You for teaching us to pray as if the prayer were already answered, and for Your promise that what we pray for will be granted. May all beings be happy and healthy, according to God’s holy will. AMEN. AMEN. AMEN

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