Thank You Heavenly Father for My Blessings

by April ()

Heavenly Father, I know that you guide me and watch over me. I am blessed. I see the beautiful gifts you have given me and I do cherish them.

I thank you everything Father and I am greatful. Father I ask that you keep me and my love in your care and watch over us. I pray that you will bless our union together and help remove the obstacles in our way. I know the path has not been and won’t be easy. It is the path I want to work at and achive to have a happy life with the one I love. I pray that you will be with us and bless us on our path and that we up hold our promises to each other and always look to you for guidance and strength all the days of our lives. In Jesus name I pray Father that our union be blessed by you and endures. Amen.

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