Thank you God, Thank You for Everything

by AW (CA)

God, THANK YOU for the finances that have come to me. PLEASE keep it coming! I am paying bills, rent and catching up on my back rent as well. I’ll SOON have it paid off! Let the landlord agree with this final payment I make in December. I ask that you help me spend wisely and keep a good budget as well. Oh Lord, my heart is OPEN and receiving all monies, financial aid. Whether it be from my brother or from places unknown. In any matter I get money, I THANK YOU for it, and for the continued prosperity I’ve recently experienced. LOVE YOU GOD, and thank you for EVERYTHING and I KNOW the financial increase WILL continue, and I will continue having success in all contests I enter as well. You hear me and LOVE me, and I LOVE YOU and thank YOU for everything Dear Lord! I light a candle in your name! PLEASE know the blessings of money, food or anything you send is appreciated and going to good use! It’s nice to sometimes not have to suffer from not having enough money to do the things in life you need to do. Feels nice God.

In your son Jesus name, Amen and Amen

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  1. RE: Thank you God, Thank you for Everything

    Blessed the lord,

    Hi Iam so happy to hear what lord has done in your life and keeping praying and our lord is a lord of power and he will give you more and more. At the end of the day you will be able to clear all your bills and start a fresh. Romans 8: 37-39

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